February 2, 2023

Crypto to the Rescue: XCEL Crypto Partners Launches NFT Collection to Empower Unbanked Women

Reclaiming the Right to Financial Freedom and Security for Unbanked Women Through the Democratic Power of Blockchain Technology

XCEL Crypto Partners, an innovative blockchain-for-good startup, is proud to announce February 11th, 2023 as the launch of its brand new NFT collection. Aptly titled 5000 Faces of the Unbanked, the collection will feature the lives of five thousand women living in poverty across the globe and the troubling circumstances they live with daily—a grand decentralized tribute to the unbanked and underserved.

A Triumphant Tale of Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change

This NFT collection is the brainchild of XCEL Crypto Partners CEO and Founder, Roné de Beauvoir, who once was ‘unbanked’ herself over 25 years ago. After the devastating effects of a Ponzi scheme that left her homeless on the streets of a foreign country for nearly 2 years, Roné, with nothing but the clothes on her back, rebuilt her life and wealth through crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This inspired her to create XCEL Crypto Partners and launch the 5000 Faces of the Unbanked collection, with the objective of “XCELerating” the life of people in poverty by leveraging crypto and partnering with the unbanked.

Each piece in the collection showcases an evocative facial expression, sometimes accompanied by audio, to depict the broad range of emotions experienced by the unbanked. With almost one billion unbanked and underbanked women worldwide, these NFTs are a poignant reminder of the hardships many endure and the collective bond they share.

“My story is the story of the countless unbanked women around the world,” said Roné de Beauvoir. “We are striving to create a future of self-sovereignty, voting rights, education, banking, and medical help, and I am hopeful that this collection will bring awareness to the plight of the unbanked, and help XCELerate the lives of those battling with poverty and financial discrimination every day.”

The Path to Financial Inclusion, Paved Through Decentralization

This NFT launch is the first step in Xcel Crypto Partners’ broader mission to XCELerate the lives of unbanked women and create a new economic order of female economic power. The team will continually expand the scope and appeal of this project by launching a new series featuring fresh characters each month. With the launch of the 5000 Faces of the Unbanked Collection on February 11th, XCEL Crypto Partners is calling on the crypto community to join this movement and use the power of decentralized finance to XCELerate the lives of unbanked women. Together, it is possible to create a new future and financial freedom for those who need it the most.

Visit OpenSea to learn more about the 5000 Faces of the Unbanked Collection and join the movement. The collection can also be found on Opensea and may expand to other marketplaces in the future.