XCEL Crypto Partners Campaign – IDEN.TI.FI.ME

IDEN.TI.FI.ME is a groundbreaking campaign launched by XCEL Crypto Partners, aimed at empowering individuals, particularly the unbanked and everyday citizens, to take control of their identity through decentralized identity solutions. This campaign leverages blockchain technology to provide secure, transparent, and self-sovereign identity management, offering numerous benefits for individuals seeking greater autonomy and control over their personal information.

  1.  Empower the Unbanked: Provide individuals without access to traditional banking services with a secure and verifiable digital identity, enabling them to participate in financial transactions, access services, and establish their financial reputation.
  2. Promote Financial Inclusion: Expand access to financial services and opportunities for marginalized communities by enabling them to prove their identity and establish trust in digital transactions, thereby reducing barriers to financial inclusion.
  3. Enhance Data Privacy: Empower individuals to own and control their identity data, reducing reliance on centralized institutions and mitigating the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and unauthorized access to personal information.
  4. Foster Innovation: Drive the adoption of decentralized identity solutions and blockchain technology by showcasing the transformative potential of self-sovereign identity for individuals, businesses, and governments.
  5. Advocate for Digital Rights: Champion the rights of individuals to privacy, autonomy, and security in the digital age, promoting awareness and advocacy for policies that safeguard digital identities and protect user rights.

Your Generation Matters

By dismantling intermediaries and creating a decentralized ecosystem, XCEL aims to ensure that individuals facing poverty receive direct and consistent benefits. This revolutionary model empowers the impoverished and fosters inclusive growth, addressing the fundamental challenges faced by individuals across generations.

In summary, our extensive global experiences and the innovative approach of XCEL reflect our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. By leveraging decentralized technologies and emphasizing direct value distribution, we aspire to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

While identity is about distinguishing one person from another through attributes or affiliations, personhood is about giving all real people inalienable digital participation rights independent of identity, including protection against the erosion of their democratic rights through identity loss, theft, coercion, or fakery.

– Roné de Beauvoir  Founder/CEO XCEL Crypto Partners




1928 – 1945 (78-95 yrs)


1946 – 1964 (57-75 yrs)


1980 – 1996 (25-40 yrs)


1965 – 1979 (41-56 yrs)


1997 – 2012 (6-24 yrs)


1928 – 2012 (78-95 yrs)

The IDEN.TI.FI.ME campaign represents a transformative initiative by XCEL Crypto Partners to empower individuals with self-sovereign identity solutions and promote digital rights, financial inclusion, and data privacy. By embracing a decentralized identity, individuals can reclaim control over their personal information and participate more confidently and securely in the digital economy, unlocking new opportunities for empowerment, innovation, and collaboration. Join us in shaping a future where identity is truly in the hands of the people – IDEN.TI.FI.ME: Identity, Trust, and Empowerment for all.