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Susie Thompson

XCEL Crypto Partners and Facecast Collaborate to Empower Unbanked Girls and Women Through Live Televised Technological Training

United States/Houston, Texas– XCEL Crypto Partners, a leading blockchain investment firm, and
Facecast, a pioneering live event streaming and video hosting platform, proudly announces their
partnership aimed at globally televising technological training to unbanked girls and women. This
strategic collaboration seeks to enhance and enrich the lives, communities, and villages of unbanked
individuals by providing them with access to essential digital skills and knowledge through live
televised streaming.

The joint effort between XCEL Crypto Partners and Facecast represents a significant initiative
in closing the digital gender gap and promoting financial inclusion among underserved populations.
Through this partnership, unbanked girls and women will gain access to valuable technological skills,
enabling them to participate more fully in the digital economy.

“We are delighted to join forces with Facecast to bring live televised technological training to
unbanked girls and women worldwide,” stated RonĂ© de Beauvoir, Founder/CEO of XCEL Crypto
Partners. “At XCEL, we believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology to uplift lives
and create economic opportunities for all. By collaborating with Facecast, we can harness their
innovative platform to reach and empower underserved populations, particularly women, who have
historically been excluded from the benefits of digitalization.”

Facecast’s state-of-the-art live event streaming and video hosting platform will serve as the
primary medium for broadcasting live technological training sessions to unbanked communities across
the globe. With its functional 4K player, extensive coverage from Content Delivery Networks (CDNs),the
and interactive interfaces, Facecast is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality educational content to
viewers, even in the most remote areas.

“We are excited to partner with XCEL Crypto Partners to expand access to live televised
technological training for unbanked girls and women,” commented Alexander Blavatsky, executive of
executiveFacecast. “Through our platform, we can provide a seamless and immersive learning experience that empowers individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge. By collaborating with XCEL, we aim
to bridge the digital divide and create pathways to economic empowerment for unbanked communities

The collaboration between XCEL Crypto Partners and Facecast underscores the significance of
cooperation in driving positive social change and advancing global development goals. By leveraging
technology and innovation, the two organizations are working together to create a more inclusive and
equitable world for all.

For more information about XCEL Crypto Partners and Facecast, please visit their respective websites
at https://xcel-crypto-partners.com and Facecast.net.

Contact Information:
Susie Thompson
VP of Communications
XCEL Crypto Partners
+1 281 506-4374